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 Free Form Points

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PostSubject: Free Form Points   Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:47 pm

Sent Submissions To: AshfordGM

Free Form Points:

In an attempt to keep people focused on roleplaying and keeping the game active.  Not only will the jobs aspect of the game be fleshed out first. We will be starting Free Form Points.  When the game has enough players and can survive going active into dice mode.  These points can be redeemed for several things.  Including: Experience Points, Money, Social Status Points, Epic or Legendary Weapons, Spells or Armor.  

Ever want to start a game with an amazing weapon?  Begin as a powerful head of a mega corporation when everyone else is begging for scraps? The other interesting thing.  Is that these points can be transferred between characters.  You can either play as a villain and earn many points for your good character later on down the road when the actual game starts up.  Or you can transfer your points to a friend's character or they to you.  Making one character a God among mortals when the game begins.  

To earn your points.  If a GM is not there to monitor the situation.  Simply copy and paste the event in a PM to a GM.  They will read it and determine its value.  Most jobs require this anyway.   The current GM you should submit to is listed at top of this post.  If it is related to something other players can rp as well.. such as a murder mystery.  The Log will be posted on the forum.

Ways to Earn FFP:

  • Get a Job:  Every 2 Jobs Completed = 1 Point
    It doesn't matter if you are carrying a letter across a dangerous part of the city or solving a mystery to stop a serial killer's 10 year murder spree.  Because you also get the reward from your faction for doing said job.  For every 2 Jobs completed.. you will earn 1 point.
  • Causing a Ruckus: 1 Point to Winner.. 2 Points to Loser
    Yes, you read that correctly.  The Loser gets more points.  You learn more from losing a fight than you do from winning.  And because fights are always fun for all involved.  Usually, it ends when one player gets tired of typing or can't think of a valid excuse to avoid being knocked out or killed.  Now, there is more on the line than just your pride.  The fight, argument and all has to last at least 10 paragraphs from each fighter.  If 3 people are involved an extra point is thrown into pool and the GM will either give it to whoever did the coolest thing or whomever roleplayed the best.  If it is a full on Gang Fight.  A special reward will be given to the gangs involved.  Again, the losing gang will get a little more.
  • Settling Your Differences: 1 Point
    When rivals meet on the field of combat, it's always interesting.  But when they meet to discuss their differences - the story progresses forward.  If members of a gang or business sits down with their enemies and argue, talk or just make fun of one another for 20 combined paragraphs or more.  All those involved will earn a point.  We believe that more social interaction between enemies will breed conflict.  Which always leads to fun events for all.
  • Sparing Session: 1 Point
    Every little bit helps.  When you Roleplay your training sessions.  It actually means something.  For every 20 paragraphs, a player will earn 1 point.  And if they get a training partner, they only need 15 paragraphs each.  And if they have a 3rd training partner, they only need 10 paragraphs.  That is the limit though.  Because anything less than 10 paragraphs is like working out and then eating a cupcake afterwards.  

  • Backstory Progression: 1 Point
    Every player has a unique story.  Every player wants their character to be the main character.  And now you can be.  Create a storyline that has to do with your character or their backstory.  The more that get involved, the easier it is to earn points.  Like sparing, every 20 paragraphs that tell a unique story about your character will earn you 1 point.  If you get 2 people involved, each player only needs to write 15, if you get 3 or more involved, each player only needs 10 paragraphs.  

  • - Be the Bad Guy: 1 Point
    Ever want to cause pain and harm without any repercussion?  Now is your chance.  Since points can be transferred between characters; you can be as bad as you want to be at the start and then when the game begins - use those points to be the savior of the city.   For every 20 paragraphs of mayhem you roleplay, you will earn a point.  If this includes starting a fight with another character.  That fight will also count towards this.  Meaning your work load has been cut in half.  It can even be verbally threatening people.  So arguing with other players will give you a reward..

    But here is where this gets interesting.

  • Bad Guy Part 2: 1 Bonus Point
    Say, your character goes on a killing spree.  Or causes grief to other players.  Or has done something that actual spawns the creation of another character.  If someone is roleplaying as a detective and they roleplay out a crime of solving a murder that you caused.  The villain gets a point for doing nothing.  If a group of heroes roleplays attempting to hunt you down or find out where you'll strike next.  You earn a point.  If there is enough conversation about your character at random points in the game that GM's tend to pick up on or notice.  You earn a point.  Some of this may require more work on the part of the villain.. Telling players about clues they can follow and so on.


The Point Shop:
5 Points = 100 EXP. (Unlimited)
5 Points = $200 (Unlimited)
5 Points = +5 AP for Starting Armor Pieces (Nearly Unlimited)
10 Points = 1 Social Status Point (Nearly Unlimited)
10 Points = 1 Society Rank Point (Nearly Unlimited)
10 Points = 1 Extra Life (Unlimited)
15 Points = 1 Attribute Point (Nearly Unlimited)
15 Points = 20 HP/MP
15 Points = 1/5 Clue to Location of Epic Item/Armor
15 Points = 1 Mod for Starting Armor
20 Points = 1/5 Clue to Location of Epic Weapon/Spell

50 Points = 1 Faction Point ..Rise your Street Gang to a Faction Overnight.
50 Points = 1 Faction Point ..Small Business to MegaCorp overnight.

"Some men see things as they are and ask "Why?".  
I dream things that never were and ask, "Why no
- George Bernard Shaw
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Free Form Points
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